Don’t Let your Past Steal from your Future

Life happens, both the ups and the downs.  But we have a choice.  We  can carry the negative stuff with us, like dragging heavy baggage,  making it difficult to move forward or preventing us from achieving our goals,  OR,  we can identify the limiting or sabotaging beliefs  and change them.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful ally to change beliefs

Forget about the Don't let your past steal from your futureentertainment hypnotists you’ve seen on dramatised TV or stage shows – I’m going to share with you what a powerful ally hypnosis can be when used in a therapeutic setting, where there is no need to cluck like a chicken or dance like Elvis!

I use hypnotherapy to help you overcome challenges in life – including limiting beliefs, phobias or infertility challenges – that are holding you back from achieving your true potential or from living the life you truly wish to live.

I use hypnotic techniques to help you identify and provide insight to the events that shaped your beliefs and which have formed unconscious blocks or self-sabotage, so that you can overcome past events, giving you more freedom, more success and, for my fertility clients, fulfilling your dream of becoming parents.

How beliefs are formed

The perception you have about the things that have happened to you, as well as the opinions of others, have shaped your beliefs.

Most beliefs are formed when you were young, before your brain’s critical capacity to evaluate information was fully developed.   Up until around 10-12 years old you take almost everything quite literally and as fact, especially if it came from someone in a position of perceived power – such as a parent  or teacher.  So, what these people say to you, their opinions, even when they’re joke-mocking you, whether right or wrong – you don’t have the capacity to evaluate them sufficiently and usually just take them on board.    Those ideas become part of your beliefs and your consequent behaviours as you grow up.

Real life case studies

Let me explain with real-life case studies, so you can see  how easily a faulty belief can be formed,  how you won’t realise at the time you’ve formed a faulty belief,  and how that belief can affect you as you grow up and can still affect you as an adult.

Perfectionism was leaving X exhausted

Perfectionist X was a perfectionist. The high expectations she demanded from herself left her exhausted and overloaded. She worked long hours and often took longer than necessary to complete project, and even simple tasks such as writing and re-writing emails.

In hypnosis we have greater access to the unconscious mind that houses all our memories.  I guided X  back to a time in her childhood which had everything to do with the perfectionism issue that was negatively affecting her now.   She remembered being a 6 year old and giving her sister’s doll a haircut, with no malicious intent, just innocently playing hairdresser.  Her dad told her off, shouting, “Why can’t you be more well-behaved like your sister?”.  Unfortunately not long afterwards her parents split up and her dad moved out.

At 6 years old X believed it was her fault her dad left – in her mind he left because he was angry at her for being naughtier than her sister.  She unconsciously made the decision that she had to be perfect to be loved, and that belief influenced her actions into adulthood.

Recognising the root cause of this belief and its faulty assumptions, alongside doing some self-esteem work in hypnosis, X was able to accept she was good enough and loveable as is.  She became more productive at work and no longer painstakingly re-wrote every email till it was ‘perfect’.

C’s fear of speaking in public

fear of public speaking, hypnotherapy to overcome phobiaIt was C’s responsibility to speak at his mother’s 70th birthday.  As  soon as he stood up to talk a fear of appearing stupid took over him and he was unable to give the speech he’d prepared, and instead he rushed and mumbled a few words and sat down.  He felt bad, that he’d let his mum down by not being able to give her the speech he’d written, the one he felt she deserved that let her know how much she meant to him and the amazing woman she was.  C  had felt inadequate in social situations for as long as he could remember and often held back from participating in conversations, but didn’t know why it happened.

In hypnosis C  recalled a long-forgotten memory of being 9 years old and going ten pin bowling with older cousin and cousin’s friend.  He felt  proud to be included, and jabbered away over-excitedly, until  his cousin’s friend turned to him and said, “You’re so immature!”.   C  felt stupid and embarrassed and as a result made the decision to keep his thoughts to himself so he didn’t look stupid to others.  Looking back in hypnosis C realised his  9 year old self had only been trying so hard to impress and fit in, and whilst he may have said something childish, he was after all a child!

We hypnotically rehearsed feeling at ease in social situation.  Now C  feels good within himself and comfortable in social situations –  he is no longer pre-occupied by worrying about what other people will think of him.  As a consequence he’s become more open and able to make small talk, and has found people enjoy what he has to offer.

Shedding insight can shatter a faulty belief

As these case studies demonstrate, often we are not aware how or when beliefs were formed.  We all have needs, like feeling loved or important.  Sometimes those needs aren’t met, whether in reality or in our perception of what happened, and limiting beliefs can be formed.  Sometimes of course the reality is that another person has been a bully, unkind or unloving – but it is much easier to see from an adult perspective that this often has very little to do with you and is more about their story and their beliefs playing out.  Using hypnotic  techniques I help clients travel back to identify and resolve those unmet needs and change the unhelpful belief.

And by looking at it from a new perspective with our adult wisdom it can shed light on how our  original perception may have been faulty  – which is often the case when we are young and still learning so much about life and the world.  Most clients are surprised at how unintentional or innocent the event was.

These clients were able to let go of that heavy baggage they’ve been dragging into their future.  Because once  you understand the events that shaped your beliefs, you don’t need the problems they create any more.

What unhelpful beliefs could you be unnecessarily carrying from your past?  Book a session with me to explore your beliefs and to stop letting your past steal from your future.