giraffeHypnotherapy for fertility is a mind body approach designed to help you create the optimum conditions for fertility and conception.  Your HypnoFertility sessions can be used to boost your fertility naturally, or working alongside IVF or other Assisted Reproductivity Technologies (ART)  to support and maximise your chances of success through the stages of your treatment.  In Israel, Prof. Eliahu Levitas showed IVF success rate doubled when subjects underwent hypnosis during implantation.

Hypnosis is a safe and naturally occurring state, where focused attention and relaxation is used to access  your powerful subconscious mind.  When you consider that this part of your mind controls your memories, emotions, beliefs, habits, phobias and autonomic processes body functions (e.g. breathing, hormones, bloodflow, etc), the possibilities to influence your well-being and fertility are endless.

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