What’s Einstein got to do with hypnobirthing?

Pregnancy coach Suzy Ashworth’s recent blog shares how Einstein’s words of wisdom can be related to birth hypnosis.

For example, Einstein encourages us to “look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better“.  Suzy says we can learn a lot about the primal act of birth from other mammals who birth calmly and without fear.   A sentiment shared by extensive birth researcher Dr Sarah Buckley who believes we birth best and don’t disturb the important hormonal physiology of childbirth (e.g. we produce optimum levels of hormones that benefit childbirth, bonding and lactation) when we are able to birth like how our mammal cousins chose to birth: that is, finding somewhere they feel private, safe and unobserved.

The impact of a disturbed birth, one where the elements of feeling private, safe and unobserved are interrupted, is perhaps most clearly demonstrated in births where labour stalls or even stops.  Countless labours proceed really well in the comfort and privacy of a woman’s own home, yet these same women that were progressing so well experience a stalling or stop in labour when they arrive at the hospital, a less familiar environment, or when an unknown medical attendant enters the room.

Another Einstein insight Suzy relates to hypnobirthing is: “imagination is everything, it’s the preview of life’s coming attractions”.  This key neuroscience principal is the force behind many hypnotherapy techniques, including birth hypnosis.  Our ability to build neural pathways of what we want to have happen (e.g. feeling calm and in control during birth) is accessed via our imagination.  Using hypnotic imagination to rehearse an outcome is like creating a blueprint of how to respond when the time comes.  Sadly for most women the only input they’ve had to create their birth blueprint is all the dramatised TV shows or stories from well-meaning friends and family that portray birth as having to be a painful, exhausting and laborious event.

Suzy links other Einstein quotes to birth hypnosis including the time distortion benefit one enjoys when practicing hypnosis, versus how when labour is feared time passes much more slowly; and how birth hypnosis helps a woman to feel positive and empowered to enjoy the miracle of childbirth, regardless much medical assistance, or not, is required to help her baby safely into the world.

FoEinstein and Birth Hypnosisllowing Suzy’s thought-provoking  lead, I’ve looked at how one of my own favourite Einstein quotes can be applied to birth hypnosis:  “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.    If you keep feeding your mind with thoughts and images of painful and laborious births (building unhelpful neural pathways in your brain), guess what… you’ll get the same result – you are building a blueprint for having a painful birth!   Stop watching “One Born Every Minute” and YouTube videos of painful births!  Choose to do something different: surround yourself with positive birth stories, use your imagination to rehearse the experience you wish to have; learn deep relaxation techniques.  Start trusting in your body’s innate wisdom and ability to birth your baby, and you’ll most certainly enjoy better results!


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