Reese Witherspoon sees Hypnotist for sex scene jitters

Reese as Cheryl in movie Wild

Reese saw hypnotist to overcome sex scene jitters in her role as Cheryl in the Hollywood blockbuster Wild

There are often elements of our life or work where we feel less confident, inadequate, or would like to increase our skill level in.  For actress Reese Witherspoon it was filming the sex scenes in her upcoming block buster “Wild”.

Because the Hollywood actress wanted to nail (excuse the pun) all aspects of the role, as part of her preparation she had hypnotherapy to calm her nerves and boost her confidence with the sex scenes, which were outside her comfort zone.  Reese told  Vogue Magazine that she wanted her portrayal of Cheryl  Strayed “to be truthful, I wanted it to be raw, I wanted it to be real”.  

Hypnotherapy boosts performance

In Reese’s case it was feeling calm and confident filming the sex scene – I imagine most people would feel a bundle of nerves getting naked on the big screen!   But what other aspects does Hypnotherapy help with?  Pretty much any skill or personal attribute you wish to improve so that you can shine at work, at home or on the sports field.

The possibilities are endless, and include:

  • Feeling confident and at ease at social gatherings
  • Being more open and connected with friends and family
  • Buildingmotivation and commitment to exercise goals
  • Gettinginto the zone quicker
  • Increasingconcentration and focus
  • Feeling more calm and relaxed during meetings or presentations
  • Improvinga particular part of your game

So how does Hypnotherapy help?

Part of the work I do with clients involves identifying and changing limiting beliefs that could be hindering the client’s goal.  It could be they feel inadequate in social gatherings which prevents them from contributing to conversations, or they had a couple of shockers on the court and it has thrown them off their game.   Using a combination of visualisation techniques and hypnotic suggestions we focus on the particular quality, skill or attribute they would like to develop or enhance.  So, in the first example it could be focusing on self worth or confidence, and in the second example feeling focused and calm when it’s time to take the shot.

When we visualise doing an activity in hypnosis the same areas of the brain light up as when we are actually doing an activity – the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a real and imagined event.  In a study by the University of Chicago, basketball players were split into three groups: the first practiced shooting hoops every day, the second group just visualised shooting hoops and the last group did nothing.  After a month unsurprisingly the first group had improved, by 24%, but what surprised researchers was the second group who hadn’t even touched a basket ball improved by 23%.  The last group had no improvement.

So we utilise this to our advantage by visualising and rehearsing how we want to be, feel or perform in a situation whilstin hypnosis, providing a road map for the mind as to how to respond when we encounter the situation in reality.

NZ Movie Lady’s Hypnotherapy Experience

NZ Movie Lady Lesley Simpson with Clinical Hypnotherapist Rebecca Armstrong at the Italian Film Festival.  Image ©

NZ Movie Lady Lesley Simpson with Clinical Hypnotherapist Rebecca Armstrong at the Italian Film Festival. Image ©

The NZ Movie Lady, Lesley Simpson, organises some fantastic events for Berkeley Takapuna, the cinema she manages – from French Waiter Racing and Italian Quiz nights to promote the French and Italian Film Festivals to a Special Halloween Screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.   In the past Lesley would feel stressed and anxious in the lead-up to and during the events she had organised, unable to enjoy them.

After her first Hypnotherapy session with me Lesley noticed subtle changes – although she was really busy she was less stressed about work and became better at switching off when she wasn’t at work.  By the end of her 3 sessions Lesley found the benefits were invaluable in helping her feel more calm and relaxed and more trusting that the events she organised would run smoothly.

Divi Quote Mark“Rebecca and the Hypnotherapy was great. I am much more relaxed approaching and during events now and able to think about everyone else instead of me.  I have always planned ahead but now I plan time for me before the event starts and use my hypnotic anchor points to get back on track” ~ Lesley Simpson


Wild opens in NZ on 29th January, visit Berkeley & Hoyts for more details