Most women are conditioned to believe childbirth has to be painful. Hypnosis is a safe, natural and powerful ally that can help you to create a relaxed and wonderful birthing experience for you and your baby.

Turn the Ow into Wow!

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I will work with you to provide you simple solutions for remaining relaxed during childbirth, uncover hidden fears and change programming so that childbirth becomes a pleasant experience, reducing or eliminating the need for unnecessary drugs, so that your childbirth experience can be the miraculous innate process nature intended.

I have trained in both Birth By Hypnosis and HypnoBirth Rite childbirth protocol programmes. Using these programmes I have the flexibility to tailor each session to address your unique needs as you prepare for childbirth. A group of pregnant women wouldn’t all suit the exact same dress or hairstyle; hypnosis is the same, it’s an individual experience – that’s why your sessions with me are one-on-one, your experience of hypnosis and the techniques you learn will be styled to suit you.

Benefits of birthing with hypnosis

With birth hypnosis you can enjoy:

  • A lovely bonding and nourishing time for you and your baby during your third trimester
  • Feeling calm and confident leading up to and during birth
  • A shorter birthing (labour) time
  • Improved pain management control
  • Feeling relaxed and in control during the birth
  • The ability to make decisions calmly and cope with any changes to your birthing plan
  • A more comfortable birthing experience
  • A quicker recovery from natural birthing or caesarean section
  • Feeling more energised after birth

Your baby benefits too by:

  • Being more alert and having a greater interest in suckling within the hour after being born
  • Being exposed to lower doses or no labour medication
  • Being calmer and more content
  • Sleeping better

Research: Hypnosis for Pregnancy & Birth 


Enjoy a relaxed birth free from tension & anxiety

We’ve been conditioned through dramatic television shows and stories from well-meaning friends and family to expect childbirth to be painful.

Fortunately, with hypnotherapy you can release this old and unhelpful conditioning and learn deep relaxation techniques. This can make a huge difference to birthing your baby because free from tension, anxiety and fear your body can do what it is innately designed to do much more comfortably and easily, without unnecessary tension or adrenaline producing anxiety interfering in the process

Shine Hypnosis Birth Client - moments after Ezra's calm birth

Birth Hypnosis baby Ezra moments after his calm birth

Oxytocin is a naturally occurring key hormone in childbirth and bonding. Stress and anxiety are known to decrease levels of Oxytocin. The name Oxytocin derives from the Greek word meaning ‘swift or quick birth’. Increasing levels of Oxytocin help the uterus muscles surge effectively to deliver your baby quickly and more easily, with less forceful and exhausting effort required to push. The peak of Oxytocin at birth also contributes to the feelings of euphoria and love you experience as your baby is delivered.

Remaining relaxed during your birth will help you have the optimum Oxytocin levels.

So it makes sense to learn deep hypnotic relaxation, release old conditioning, and increase your confidence in the knowledge that our bodies, just like those of our mammal cousins, are actually very well designed to naturally and comfortably birth babies.

Hypnosis is complementary to all birthing methods

Hypnosis is complementary prenatal education and to all birthing methods. You can enjoy childbirth in whatever way is right for you and your baby, whether you want a home birth, water birth, natural birth or hospital birth.

It makes sense, if adopting the natural childbirth approach, to prepare well. Even with the best-prepared mothers – there’ll be times when assistance from some medication might be required. Hypnosis is not designed to be a substitute for medical intervention and medically assisted births are not without their benefits, and are sometimes necessary for the health of you and your baby. In the instance of a birthing experience requiring medical intervention mothers generally report a comfortable experience prior to medications being applied, and find the techniques they’ve learnt can still complement the birthing experience as you’re better equipped to remain calm and decide on the best approach based on the advice from your birthing professionals; they can aide your speedy recovery.

If you know you will require a caesarean section, hypnosis can help you feel at ease about giving birth by c-section, overcome fears, recover quickly, and increase bonding with your baby.

Let me help you

You can have a calm and relaxed child birth with hypnosis. During your one-on-one sessions, tailored to your unique and individual needs I will help you:

  • Learn how to relax yourself deeply into hypnosis so you can remain relaxed during childbirth
  • Uncover any hidden fears and change your conditioning to allow childbirth to be a pleasant experience
  • Increase your confidence and trust in your ability to birth your baby easily
  • Use comfort control techniques that help reduce or eliminate the need for unnecessary drugs
  • Utilise your subconscious mind to help your muscles, hormones and birthing processes perform at their optimum – working much more easily, naturally and in complete harmony.

To support your sessions I will provide you with hypnotic audios to listen to at home. I recommend you start your Hypnotherapy sessions at the commencement of your third trimester, and complete the programme of five sessions for maximum benefit. I offer a 10% discount when you book and attend five sessions.

It’s clear there is much to gain for both you and your baby by using hypnosis to prepare for and during childbirth – it allows you to be an active participant during the birthing process with control over your body, and it helps you to effectively tap into the bodies innate and inherent birthing abilities to delivery your baby much more effectively and gently. My sessions with you are designed to enhance what your body instinctively knows how to do.

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