Discover how other clients have found working with me and their experience of hypnotherapy to help them achieve their desired outcome. I truly thank my clients for sharing their success stories and their personal experience of hypnotherapy, and I trust these will provide you with some insight into what is possible when you access your extraordinary mind .  Please contact me if you’d like to learn more about how hypnotherapy can help you.

Birth Hypnosis Testimonials       Fears & Phobia Testimonials       and More Testimonials

Testimonials from Birth Hypnosis Clients:

“Working with Rebecca in the lead-up to Arlo’s birth was fantastic in every sense. Each session left me relaxed and confident in my ability to birth my baby, and the scripts she recorded for me to listen to were an excellent ritual before bed, and in the sleepless nights of late pregnancy. I would have been delighted if all I had achieved from our sessions was the ability to relax myself deeply, but it gave me so much more – Arlo’s birth was calm and quiet, I felt only intensity rather than pain, and not once did I think ‘I can’t do this’. It truly was my perfect birth, and I attribute so much of the joy I gained from the experience to Rebecca.  With Love and Thanks”.
“I turned to hypno birthing as a desperate last option, as my past two births had complications and my second birth was horrendous . I was pregnant with my third child and in my second trimester when I realised I was coming up to my due date, I started to be very anxious, where I had a real intense fear of the impending labour.

Working with Rebecca made me change my outlook leading up to the birth, where I could think positively and start to enjoy my pregnancy without fear. The relaxation tools that Rebecca equipped me with, helped in the early stages of labour to relax and have control over my senses and to birth my baby without drugs. It was my best birth yet. Overall I would highly recommend Rebecca to help anyone during pregnancy to overcome any fears or just to help with relaxation during labour”

“From my very first session with Rebecca I was armed with techniques that helped reduce my stress levels, enjoy my final weeks of pregnancy and focus on a positive birth experience.

The arrival of my son wasn’t as straight forward as hoped but thanks to my work with Rebecca I was prepared and remained calm during the frantic process of an emergency c-section. Not only did I have to deal with the physical and emotional challenges of recovering from surgery and being a first time mother, I was also hit with a family bereavement. I believe hypnosis was invaluable in coping during this time. If you are anxious about birth or want a relaxing pregnancy then I highly recommend working with Rebecca”.

 “Not only did birth hypnosis help me through a fairly complicated birth, it aided me so much in the final stages of my pregnancy. I would look forward to my sessions with Rebecca – they would never fail to calm and relax me. In addition, her soothing recordings were the only thing that would ease me back to sleep in the early hours of the morning on those restless nights prior to my son’s arrival. My ‘plan’ for birthing Austin didn’t quite go as expected but I was able to remain at peace throughout the experience. After my unscheduled caesarean, the nurses on duty referred to me as “the one who doesn’t ask for pain relief”. Taking into account that I’d just had major surgery, I can only thank Rebecca for teaching me that it was possible to get myself into a state of mind where any discomfort was totally manageable”
I started off the process of hypno birthing with Rebecca sceptical but with an open mind, however I was sold after the first session!  I can’t recall feeling so relaxed in both body and mind as I did after the first session.   Each session and daily tracks progressively helped me in maintaining low stress levels despite a very hectic work and personal life and kept me very calm through my final trimester.  Both myself and my husband think that this contributed a lot to our wee man, Nathaniel being a super chill and easy baby on us new parents.  

The sessions and techniques have continued to be brilliant post birth to help me get to sleep, be calm and relaxed and really enjoy just being with our new arrival.  While my birth didn’t go to plan (whose do!) and I wasn’t able to have a natural delivery, this process still enabled me to be focussed on the outcome of holding Nate in my arms and not to get anxious through the labour – Nate came at exactly the right time, in exactly the right way!  I would (and have) highly recommend Rebecca and birth hypnosis”  

I am normally sceptical about alternative therapies and was happy to have any medical intervention required during the delivery. However I decided to trial birth hypnosis to assist with labouring prior to going to hospital. Rebecca’s sessions were invaluable prior to delivery and during. I am a very active person and both the practical sessions and audio guides ensured I took time to relax and focus on my unborn child and mentally prepare for the delivery.

During the delivery, my baby was found to be breech and I ended up delivering her with no pain relief. The mental preparation I had done prior with Rebecca and the breathing control from the text book she provided enabled me to do this. Thank you Rebecca.”

 “Thank you so much for the birth hypnosis training.  I really, really enjoyed our sessions.  When you are busy with life you sometimes forget you’re pregnant and that you’ll soon have a baby.  I relished my practise and sessions with you as a time to focus on that and bond with my bump.  Luke arrived by emergency c-section due to OP presentation and failure to progress – however I laboured at home over 24hrs to 7cm easily, with 10 hours of contractions 3 mins apart – managed with TENs and your audio – it was very helpful.  

I believe the birth hypnosis prepared me to cope splendidly calmly with having to go to theatre for the emergency c-section.  I’m surprised how I was able to remain calm about it, especially because being in the medical profession I was well aware of what it all meant. I would highly recommend it to anyone.  Thanks heaps” 

“I was extremely nervous about the looming prospect of giving birth. I approached Rebecca for some relaxation and self-hynotising techniques. The six sessions I had with her were invaluable – I was reasonably relaxed when I was in labour and didn’t end up requiring any additional pain relief. Many thanks!”


Testimonials from Fear, Phobia & Aversion Clients:

“Having struggled with irritating noises (misophonia) for the past 13 or so years, I can honestly can that I am totally cured now! I went to see Rebecca with an open mind and also feeling quite silly that noises such as people snoring, slurping drinks or picking their nails affected me so badly.  When I heard people do one of those three things, I felt so angry and my totally concentration was zoning in on that noise only.  

After meeting Rebecca, she reassured me that what I was feeling was perfectly normal and that she could help me.  I had three sessions with her and none of those noises bother me now.  A month or so ago, I was chatting to Mum and Dad was snoring really loudly.  10 minutes later she asked me if I was getting angry and I didn’t even register that the noise was an issue.  In fact, Mum kept on pushing him to stop snoring and I just laughed!

Now when I hear noises, it’s just like hearing the sound of rain or someone talking.  I can hear noises but I get no emotional rage towards it.  Thanks so much for curing me, I feel like a massive weight is now off my shoulders and I am “normal” again.”

“All my life just the thought of going into water, or even near water, has had my heart beating like crazy, sweating, dizzy and nausea. After just 3 sessions with Rebecca at Shine Hypnosis I have no fear, it’s amazing! I haven’t been swimming yet (wrong time of year) but I know I will and its exciting. It feels so invigorating not to be controlled by that fear and know my children won’t pick up on it, that water and I can be a part of their lives growing up in ways that I missed out on in my own childhood and teenage years. It’s so liberating – if you have anything that controls you like that, take the control back and get yourself a life. When I think about water, swimming, even walking along the edge of the harbour I feel nothing but calm. If you’ve come as far as reading this website then you’re ready to make the call or send an email. I promise its worth it!”

I had a hypnotherapy session with Rebecca Armstrong on 18 April.  The purpose of the session was to address issues I was experiencing around my phobia with birds. Rebecca was very friendly and welcoming. She was able to put me at ease and answered my questions about the session very fully. I felt I was able to relax quite quickly and , although this was a new experience for me, I found Rebecca’s professionalism most reassuring. 

During the session I felt calm and relaxed and quite restful. I am delighted to say that I feel a lot more in control of my phobia and have used the relaxation strategies that I learned from Rebecca on several occasions and found them to be most helpful.  I have since enjoyed a visit to a bird sanctuary on holiday with my family, something I previously was unable to do because of my phobia.  I would definitely return for further sessions with Rebecca if these are required. With thanks

“Working through a phobia has helped me experience more freedom and the bonus of stress relief.  An incident when I was eleven years old left me with a phobia of staying home alone overnight.  After 3 sessions I’m thrilled to share that my fear of staying home alone is now down to a 2/10 (from a petrified 9/10) and is dependent on the level of stress in my life at the time.  I am so grateful to Rebecca for helping me with this phobia. 

What I also received that I wasn’t expecting, was help with my stress levels. I experienced such deep calm and relaxation from each of the three sessions. I also have introduced a new habit of listening to the relaxation audio that she gave me.. This has helped me feel happier, calmer and more relaxed as I go about building Venus Network with my team.

 I will be continuing my work with Rebecca to support my mind and body to operate from a relaxed, stress-free space, as I know it has a dramatic impact on the quality of my life and the success of my business.”  

Extract from “Working with a Hypnotherapist” by Vanessa Davey

“Rebecca made me feel very relaxed from the moment I entered for the hypnotherapy session.  I felt very at ease and everything was explained to me well from the outset.  I have definitely noticed a great improvement in my reaction to people around me licking their fingers before turning pages.  Well worthwhile and it has helped my work and social life immensely.”



And More Testimonials:

“As a professional entertainer, I’ve spent many years under the critical public eye. I’ve had some great successes but felt that something was holding me back from experiencing my greatest potential.  Was it years of internalising that criticism resulting in my own self sabotage? Or was it something else?

As a story teller and lecturer in the power of storytelling end effective technique for children’s development I understood that a belief is a story we continue to tell ourselves and as the old story wasn’t necessarily working, Rebecca offered to help me write a new one. I have relished the time she spent with me ‘carving up my brain’ as I like to call it and the experience itself was phenomenal. Not only did she gently guide me down into deep relaxation, she took me on the most beautiful voyage of self discovery, safely unlocking the doors to my subconscious and exploring the contents. I was amazed to discover one tiny thought that I have held onto was easy to acknowledge and heal under Rebecca’s expert guidance and the journey forward has been healing and amazing.

It basically unlocked the key to many years of self sabotage and the understanding that a particular situation wasn’t my fault. This simple and innocent situation affected my personal and professional life and prevented me moving forward.  Rebecca helped me pick up the pen and start writing a new story for which I will be eternally grateful. I now have so much more faith and belief in myself and this has greatly resulted in a happier life, happier me and the best business success to date!! Thanks Rebecca x” 

“I started working with Rebecca to learn how to let go and cope with the challenges of life.  I felt I needed a change in my life, little did I know that the change needed was to come from within. Rebecca’s easy manner enables me to structure our session to what I need at that time and I now find I can get to a deeper relaxed state with more ease.  At first I used the recorded scripts on a regular basis and now use them when I feel the need.  I have learnt more about myself, deal with life’s challenges differently, and have become a calmer person who has more self-belief in my own abilities. My two teenage daughters have also had the benefit of working with Rebecca.  Like the ‘recorded scripts’ our sessions are not as frequent, this I put down to the quality of work we got through in the early sessions” 
“Thank you so much for the session today, I was a bit nervous about what it would involve having never done hypnotherapy before but I really enjoyed it and found you extremely empathetic, understanding and knowledge about our fertility challenge and already I feel armed with tools to help create the optimal environment for fertility – thank you! I look forward to taking time to practice relaxing this week and to our next session.  I have already read your blogs and think they are great!”