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About Me

Rebecca Ashton (nee Armstrong)

Clinical Hypnotherapist

(Dip. Clin Hyp; BBus Hons)
Clinical Hypnotherapist Rebecca

Hi, I’m Rebecca Ashton, a Clinical Hypnotherapist.  I thrive in helping people discover the powerful influence of their subconscious minds and how they can access that extraordinary power to create positive change.

I have worked with a range of clients over the past decade, assisting them to - overcome phobias, trauma and limiting beliefs; prepare for surgery; create the optimum mind-body conditions for fertility and conception; become relaxed and confident in their ability to birth their babies easily and naturally; and much more.  Tailoring each session to the unique needs of my client, I approach sessions with a high level of professionalism and empathy, which puts my clients at ease.

My qualifications include a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, BirthbyHypnosis, HypnoBirthRite, and HypnoFertility.  I was the first practitioner to use the HypnoBirthRite protocols in New Zealand.  I am committed to continual professional development, participating in workshops, courses and conferences with world-renowned Hypnotherapists, Trauma Experts and Neuroscientists, both in New Zealand and abroad.

As a former award-winning Marketing and First Class Honours Degree student with a promising career as a Marketing Executive working in television in London, I knew what it felt like to succeed.  Through becoming debilitatingly ill and having to give up a dream lifestyle, I gained deeper insights and empathy into the issues and journeys people face, and discovered a powerful ally in hypnotherapy as a natural and effective tool for personal success and wellbeing.  Hypnotherapy helped me manage pain and my health condition, as well as overcome an intense lifelong phobia of snakes. Becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist has allowed me to help people overcome their obstacles.

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Hypnotherapy helped me overcome a life long snake phobia

For as long as I can remember I was petrified of snakes, despite living in New Zealand.  If one was on a TV show I would immediately lift my feet up off the floor onto the couch.  On holidays to Australia every twig and hose would have my heart pounding, I was on hyper alert even in the middle of the city! 

In my early twenties I decided it was time to overcome this phobia.  Unfortunately I hadn't yet discovered hypnotherapy so my first attempt was using sheer willpower - I tried holding a live snake. I was shaking and totally unaware of the crowd building up around me as I was hyper focused on the snake (making sure the head wasn't going to come near me!) and it took me 15 minutes to build up the courage to touch it - it wasn't a fun experience!  

Fast forward 10 years, I had 3 had hypnotherapy sessions to overcome my phobia.  Not long after I held a live snake.  This time I held a snake around my neck! I had a natural level of precaution and healthy respect, but experienced NO fear or panic,  In fact I was surprised just how calm I felt holding Rosie - calm and curiously in no rush to give her back!

You can really tell the difference in these before and after pics, but a warning - if you have a snake phobia you may not want to use the slider to see the full picture until you've worked with me to conquer it!

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