Let’s Talk Fertility ~Part 3 of my Birth Hypnosis Interview

In the last part of my interview on If Only They’d Told Me, I talk with Natalie about how hypnosis can help with fertility, and share the results of an amazing study where hypnotic relaxation alone increased the success rates of an IVF procedure by 50%!

Trying to get Pregnant?  Hypnosis helps Fertility

N. And fertility – can we just talk about that for a little bit because there are obviously lots of people out there that are wanting to get pregnant and are just struggling with it, some people going down IVF and other routes.  So you can help people that are struggling with fertility?

R. Yes.  I do.  Whether that is working alongside them when they are doing the IVF process – for example: there was a study done in Israel where, just at the time of implantation, purely by being in hypnotic relaxation (none of the other hypnotherapy that you do normally with fertility sessions, but just being hypnotically relaxed at implantation alone) had a 50% success rate over the control group, so in other words the women who had had hypnosis at the time of implementation, 50% more of them got pregnant through the IVF than those who didn’t have the hypnotic relaxation.

N. Yeah it seems - I haven’t been through it myself but I’ve got a lot of friends who have been - and it seems to be quite a clinical medical experience and so, having something like hypnosis to…

R. It is.  And it’s a very stressful process.  And the way stress works is, if you think back to the day where we had to run from a lion or tiger, the two things we didn’t need were our reproductive system and our digestive system, because obviously the blood needs to flow through all our organs, we need to fight or flight.  So when stress is involved it actually really impacts our fertility.  And obviously when you’re going through those fertility treatments you need to make sure there is as much stress taken out of the process as possible or you’re finding a way to deal with that stress so that it doesn’t interfere.  But obviously that’s just one side of it, but working with stress and relaxation is a huge part of the fertility work…..
N. And then people often say, “Just relax, just relax.  It’ll happen if it happens”, and you’re like, “I can’t relax!”  I mean, you know, you want this baby so bad, you can’t relax.

Our unconscious conflicts or beliefs can create blocks to fertility 

R. Oh definitely.  It’s a really hard process.  But what I find is, working with fertility clients, that quite often there could be an unconscious block, or a conscious conflict, and where the subconscious and conscious mind aren’t aligned it can actually kind of hold up the process.  And quite often you do hear of couples who have been trying fertility (treatment) for years and then they go to Fiji and come back pregnant.  So, quite a lot of the time it is taking the stress out of the process. Or dealing with things in the past – someone might have had, say, an abortion or a miscarriage in their past, and that can create a belief about their pregnancy or guilt, and sometimes holding on to that or unresolved stuff like that can create a conflict in our subconscious and conscious mind which can block our fertility, until we’ve resolved it.

N. And you can help them let go of that?

R. Yes.

N. That’s interesting. I just published this morning a blog on my Go To Girl website about ‘letting go’.  It’s not about fertility but it is about sometimes you need to let go of something that’s holding you back in order to move on.

R. Oh definitely.  I’ve worked with business women on self-limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs that are holding them back and once they’ve kind of identified and let go of those they can , you know, really go forward  and achieve those goals they’ve set themselves.

N. Wow!  I’ve got someone I need to refer to you!  Excellent.  OK.  So how can people get in touch with you if they want to learn more about the process or actually book in to have a consultation?

R. Certainly.  My website is Shine Hypnosis, that’s www.shinehypnosis.co.nz  and my mobile is 021 99 00 49.

N. That’s great, and thank you so much for sharing some insight about the birth hypnosis process.  I have not, I didn’t know much about it myself but I know there are lots of people out there who have done it and had an amazing experience.  But yours is slightly different – so I think that’s really good to know you’ve had the specialist training.

R. We’ll working one-on-one with people, I mean pregnant women only have one thing in common – they are pregnant.  Everyone is unique.  How we experience hypnosis is unique, their experiences are unique.  So by being able to work one-on-one with people I can really tailor it to what works best for them.

N. Great.  Ok.  So thanks very much for coming in.  Is there anything else that you wanted to mention before we finish up?

The mind has a powerful influence over the body

R. I guess, just understanding the powerful impact the mind can have over the body.  It’s harder to explain it from a birthing or fertility point of view.  But if you look at the research they’ve done in dental hypnosis with haemophiliacs – now haemophiliacs have the excessive blood-loss issue so when they have dental procedures they usually need 8 to 9 bags of replacement blood – what they’ve found is that when they prepare with hypnosis they only need 1 to 2 bags of replacement blood.  So that just really gives you an idea of how the mind can really influence the body.  And when it comes to birthing, if you can use your mind to influence your body to the point where you can use comfort control techniques and you can influence all those birthing processes and hormones so that you can have the best possible birthing experience, It really is quite amazing what we can achieve.

N. And maybe afterwards you could use those same relaxing techniques when your toddlers are driving you crazy?  (Laughter)

R. Exactly!  I have clients who say that they use their hypnotic relaxation anchor to cope with the children.  I’ve even had clients say that, “I’m still listening to your hypnotic audio because it really helps me get to sleep at night”, and I’m like, “Maybe I’ll send you one that doesn’t have the birth suggestions in it!”

N. Excellent. OK.  Thank you so much Rebecca Armstrong from Shine Hypnosis.  For the listeners out there, we’d love to hear from you.  I’m going to be writing a blog to go along with this.  If you’ve got an experience or you know someone who has a great fear, whether it be labour or whether it be snakes or water or anything in between, then definitely we’d love to hear from you.  You can put a comment on the blog Ifonlytheydtoldme.com.  Thanks for listening.

Thank you so much to Rebecca from Shine Hypnosis.  Her website again, if you want to get in touch with her, is shinehypnosis.co.nz  a lovely website, it’s looking just lovely.  And you can get in touch with her if you’ve got any further questions or want to make an appointment for yourself or somebody else around fears or phobias or labour and how hypnosis can help you.  

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